Hello World!

Our blog idea came to be just like all our other brilliant ideas: over cocktails.

A couple of us were enjoying an impromptu happy hour when, as it often does, the topic drifted into the power of girlfriendships and how they should be celebrated. Our girlfriends are a source of strength and support – they make us laugh, offer a shoulder to lean and cry on, share our successes and our mistakes, and love and accept us for who we are. There’s no drama and gossip among true girlfriends, only love, acceptance and understanding.

The five girls of The Girlfriend Blueprint – Leslie, April, Geneva, Amy, and Rustie – created this community to mirror a girls night in in our world. Just a bunch of girls, sitting around, shooting the shit about all sorts of things: marriage, divorce, relationships, wine, parenthood, the latest season of OITNB, budgets, diets, recipes, recipes for diets, plus much, much more. Sometimes our conversations are light and funny. Sometimes they’re deep and intense. Sometimes they are just downright sucky. We don’t pull punches with one another, and we won’t do so here, but we always come from a place of support and love. Some of us (cough, cough – Amy – cough…) curse enough to make a sailor blush. Some of us are a little more reserved. You’ll get to know us – warts and all – as we share our thoughts and ideas (no matter how stream-of-consciousness) with you. Over the next few posts, we’ll be introducing ourselves, so you’ll get to know us better.

And we hope that you all will begin to share yourselves with us too! Let us know what you’re dealing with, what you want to shout from the (virtual) rooftops, and what you’d like to hear about from others. We’re pretty serious about wanting to create a safe community of women who will build each other up and give one another a safe place to land if they should trip.

So, Girlfriends…pull up a chair, grab a wine glass and join the conversation. We can’t wait to meet you.


The Girls


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