Meet April

April 4Hi, my name is April! I was born in ’79 in Jackson, TN. I’ve lived in Annapolis, MD, most of Southern CA, Park City, UT, and am now in McKinney, TX. I got married to a pretty awesome guy (Joel) in 2004 and we had our one and only child (Samantha) in 2012. I was raised by a single Mother and due to her work we moved A LOT! I literally went to a new school every year… yeah, that’s right – you heard me correctly. 12 schools! So to say that I adapt to change very well or that I have being the “new kid” down would be the understatement of the century! Being raised by a strong single Mom has taught me a thing or two… mostly good things with a touch of bad. While married and sharing my life with someone I’ll never put myself in a position where I rely on anyone else to support me. Most people view that as good and I do too… but it comes with its own set of issues. I have a hard time relying on people to help me and can be a control freak. (I frustrate myself sometimes – ha!).

April 1

Since we moved so much while growing up, I didn’t spend much time with family other than my Mom. I quickly learned that I needed to make my friends my family. I tend to be a positive person and look at that as a blessing! It meant that I got to PICK my family! The women that I’ve started this blog/public friendship circle with are my family. They have taught me to listen better, change, be open minded, love more, and enjoy life MORE!

Life is really too damn short and the older I’m getting the more I’m realizing that we need to support and stand together. Petty bull-shit needs to stop. We need to be more understanding of each other and help (oh, and allow people to help… see, I’m learning).

A few other things about me that aren’t quite so deep are:

  • I’ve been in online advertising for 13+ years and love what I do for a living!
  • I played water polo in school and swam competitively for most of my childhood
  • I’m a tomboy all the way (you’ll often hear me say I don’t really know how to be a “girl”)
  • I love sports, college basketball and football are my favorites (Go UCLA)!!April 3
  • I’m loyal to a fault but when treated badly it’s a little too easy for me to walk away (not great, I know… just who I am. It’s a part of the self preservation thing I’m sure a lot of people can relate to…)
  • And, let’s see…. I’m a happy person with a pretty even temperament. I don’t have major mood swings and love to laugh!
Below are the answers to my Q&A – Enjoy!

Name: April C.

Hometown: I’m going to say Annapolis, MD (I lived there the longest)

Family: Husband (Joel), Daughter (Samantha), Mother (Pamela), Father (Gary), Step-Mom (Jennifer), Little Sister (Lexie), Aunt, who is like a sister to me (Nancy), there’s more, but that’s my immediate family.

April 6

Relationship status: Married (2004)

Kids: We have one, she’s our little princess and we don’t plan on having more. We waited so long before having her and my husband is 9 years older than me…. sooo, you do the math!

Occupation: Director or Online Advertising

Dream Job: I would love to sail for a living!

Astrological sign: Virgo

Favorite Cocktail: I gravitate toward wine, but I do love a good dirty martini (I hate sweet things)

Favorite food: SEAFOOD! I love shell fish! Growing up in Annapolis, MD… I’d go crabbing off our dock on the Chesapeake Bay. I’m not the girl that feels bad for the tossing the lobster into the boiling water and hearing the scream. I grew up around all that. My first job was at Annapolis Seafood. (My mouth is starting to water….) LOL!

Turn-ons: Confidence is huge for me, sense of humor, someone who is responsible, not a follower, and has a good group of friends.

Turn-offs: Ignorance, judgmental, and egotistical (just to name a few) 😉

Fav sports teams: Dodger, Saints, UCLA, Kings, Lakers, and I love watching golfApril 2

Best vacation: I’d have to say my Honeymoon (we went to Atlantis)

Dream vacation: I’d love to take my Husband and Daughter to Spain

Best advice ever given to you and by whom: I’ve had a lot of good advice thrown my way. But the one that keep standing out to me right now for some reason is when I was 21/22… I was working full-time and got a little caught up in office gossip. I had someone I looked up to (and older than me) pull me aside and explain why it’s a BAD idea to get involved with that. (For so many reason, right?!?) To this day people call me “Quantico”. I’ve not only taken this advice while in the office but have worked hard to bring it into my personal life. If you have something to say about someone, you better make sure it’s something you’re also comfortable saying to their face. If not, keep your mouth shut!

Guilty Pleasure: Oh, this goes back to my shellfish love! When my Husband travels for work I get more crab legs than he needs to know about!

Beach or mountains: Shit…. Can I say both?? Is that allowed? Living in CA then Park City UT…. I can’t pick!

Morning or night person: MORNING! (When I didn’t have too much wine the night before)

Things your girlfriends don’t even know about you: They might not know that I really don’t like being a blonde. Being young looking and a blonde has made it a thousand times harder to be taken seriously in a corporate environment. And since I REFUSE to be “that girl” it’s been 2 times harder for me. I’ll have to update this when I think of more things… these chicks know a shit ton about me!!

Favorite thing about yourself: I feel that I’m pretty self aware and I like that about myself. If we’re talking physical… I’d pick being short, I love to wear some high ass heels!

3 people you’d like to have a drink with: The girls who started this with me! I miss them more than I could ever express! That might sound like I didn’t give this answer thought, but I did. I live in TX and most of them are in AZ. I miss them like crazy!

Do you believe in ghosts?: YES! I used to live in a super old house in Kent Island, MD. and I swear this place was haunted. You can’t experience what I did and NOT believe.

I hope some of you who read this can relate to me and know that there’s someone out there like you! Please keep reading along with us and submit thoughts, questions, or ideas! I look forward to seeing you online and maybe one day in person!



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