Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Every summer, several of our friends’ families pick a weekend and we staycation together at the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa in North Scottsdale (


It’s an opportunity for the girls to catch up on each other’s lives, the guys to hang out and talk about…guy stuff, and for the kids to run and swim themselves silly for a couple days.


We usually arrive early enough Saturday and check out late enough on Sunday to spend two full days at the pool. In addition to the pool, lazy river, and the water slide, the kids (and some brave grownups) also spend time on the Flow Rider, the resort’s wave simulator. At night, the resort offers activities in the OK Corral, including s’mores making.

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I love staycationing for several reasons: 1) It gives you a chance to get away for a bit without the stress of packing up and going AWAY; 2) Maid service; 3) It’s a cost-efficient way for many of our friends to vacation together, even if only for 48 hours; 4) Maid service. I particularly love staying at the Westin Kierland because the resort is beautiful, the pool and recreation areas are great, and we’ve always been well-taken care of while staying here. My husband, Matt, particularly loves the beds at Kierland and — bonus points for maid service — the turndown service we’ve received here. It’s the little things, people.

This year, our staycation occurred just a week before Matt’s 40th birthday, so we took advantage of the timing and the fact that many of our friends were in one place at the same time: on Saturday night, we used our room as a Hospitality Suite, with plenty of pizza, beer, liquor and birthday cake (a to-die-for cannoli cake) for everyone to enjoy. The grown-ups enjoyed the drinks and conversation, and the littles played in the pool, made s’mores, and had pillow fights.

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In this group of friends, it’s difficult not to have a great time when we’re together, and this night was no exception. Many of the guys and a few of the girls were up until the wee hours of the morning, and most of us woke up the next morning needing a little hair of the dog.

Enter Blood Brothers Bloody Mary Mix ( Matt’s high school classmate and friend is one of the masterminds behind this local startup company, and we (Matt and I) had recently had a chance to sample a sneak peek of the spicy mix. We both like our Bloody Marys with a kick, and – wow! – this did not disappoint. It’s extremely flavorful, has a great bite, and so, so tasty. We were eager to share the mix with our friends (because friends don’t let friends drink crappy beverages), and Blood Brothers was kind enough to provide the Hot mix we had previously tasted, as well as a milder version for those who didn’t want as much heat.

IMG_2345 IMG_2357

It’s not an exaggeration when I say that our friends unanimously gave it the thumbs-up. Fellow TGBer Leslie had an opportunity to try and when I asked her to provide her feedback, she sent me this:

My Grandfather knew his Bloody Marys. I remember all family functions starting with his famous 24 hour homemade mix with all of the fixings. When he passed a few years ago and I was cleaning out his kitchen I found the 1970’s Tupperware pitcher that it was always prepared in with the handwritten recipe inside. You can bet your last dollar that was coming home with me and I treasure it to this day. With that back story, I hope you now understand how seriously I take my Bloody Mary’s. I have had them with celery salt, Worcester sauce, shrimp, green beans, Tabasco, pickle juice and my favorite, BACON!!! I love them at the airport, on a Saturday morning before College Football games, or even on a night out. In my humble opinion, Bloody Marys should not only be reserved for hangovers and brunches- they are for anytime and anywhere. I mean really, they are practically health food! Now for the real reason of this blog. This last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of trying a new mix called Bloody Brothers. I had heard it was good, but what I didn’t expect was the flavor experience the first sip to my lips would bring. it was rich and thick and smoky with just the right amount of spice. It wasn’t spicy just to be spicy, it had FLAVOR! Flavor that you want to taste again and again. Flavor that didn’t need a pickle, celery stalk, crab leg or even a crispy slice of bacon. Bloody Brothers stands alone and satisfies every taste bud and leaves you wanting more. As a connoisseur I can say without a doubt, I have found my go-to mix. I will be pouring it generously into my 1970 Tupperware pitcher knowing my Grandfather would love it too.

Other comments included:


Really tasty and refreshing. I could drink this every day.

and my personal favorite…


Blood Brothers also has a dipping sauce ($8) (ummm, hellooooooo? Drunk chicken fingers anyone?) and a marinade ($8) available on the website, along with the Mary mix ($10). The only bad news: Currently Blood Brothers is only available in Arizona and Florida, but there are plans to take it nationwide in the near future.

The website is also a site in progress, so keep checking back there for more updates and the latest news. Stay tuned — they WILL be household names.

(I’m going to take this opportunity to point out that Blood Brothers provided us the mix gratis, but our opinions can’t be bought! They are 100% our own. It’s the real deal, guys. Good. Stuff.)


Cheers!! to great friends, great weekends, and great refreshments.


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