40 before 40….it’s going to be an amazing ride.

40 before 40

So this whole turning 39 thing kind of snuck up on me. There I was, 24 years old and moving across the country with my best friend just last week, and then WHAM….15 years have past and 39 it is. I’ve heard that 40 is the new 30 and your 40’s will be the best years of my life, but the fact that I am no where near where I wanted to be at this point in is making me question whether or not this will be true for me. So here is my list. It’s not crazy. I’m not shooting for peace in the Middle East or running the Iron Man race. My list is legitimate and doable. So ready or not, 40 here I come. Cheers to the last year in my 30’s. #39 and #40 on my list are really what this is all about. Let go and embrace what could and will be.


  1. Travel outside of North America6e2620df22e6f672671fed58b6b22cd4
  2. Take my daughter to the Grand Canyon
  3. Spread my Mom’s ashes in the ocean in Florida
  4. Read 5 books I would not normally choose
  5. Write handwritten letters to the Five People that have most impacted my life
  6. Watch every episode of Friends again in order on Netflix
  7. Take a road trip  somewhere I’ve never beenbucket
  8. Blog weekly about my “Fit before 40 Journey”
  9. Start my Fit before 40 Journey
  10. Volunteer with a local charity supporting women in Breast Cancer treatment
  11. Go to 5 Cubs Spring Training Games345b653fe6a843c2f1baf59c1ecf14ca
  12. Pay off half my debt
  13. Get a tattoo
  14. Learn to crochet
  15. Practice yoga at least once a week
  16. Get The Girlfriend Blueprint to 2000 followers
  17. Hold 6 Girls Nights Out and bring together as many TGB followers as possible
  18. Swim with Dolphins with my daughter
  19. Visit a psychic – I know…I know
  20. Donate blood
  21. Serve the homeless with my daughter
  22. See the Blackhawks play
  23. Take my daughter to Wrigley Field
  24. Climb Camelback Mountain at least 3 times
  25. Floss every day for 365 days straight
  26. Send actual birthday cards to people most important to me, not just a Facebook greeting
  27. Learn how to make sushi
  28. Try snow skiing or snowboardingd38b4d8cd1083cbdcc88eebba684e819
  29. Take a cake decorating class
  30. Find an endocrinologist or naturopath that I love to manage my Hashimoto’s. (Thyroid disorder)
  31. Maintain a Paleo diet (90% of the time)
  32. See Amy Schumer do Stand-up
  33. Play more golf
  34. Get swabbed to be a bone marrow donor
  35. Go to a Cubs/Cardinals game with my Dad and my brothers
  36. Play more poker766d5676ededda66c4f57242ef68e1cb
  37. Stop biting my nails, for reals, I’m too old for this shit
  38. Run a 10k – not getting too crazy here
  39. Let go of the past
  40. Look forward to the future

2 thoughts on “40 before 40….it’s going to be an amazing ride.

    • thegirlfriendblueprint says:

      Thanks! You should make 40 very attainable goals for the next 40 days! It could be as simple as have coffee with a friend or call someone I haven’t talked to in a year. I find when I make a list it gives me a mission and I just love crossing things off of lists. Good Luck…and cheers to 40!

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